Internet Dedicated Services

Dedicated internet service presents a stable speed of internet access and provides comfort to you at work. Support NOC 24 hours on call and dedicated bandwidth allocation 1: 1.

Our Services

  1. Internet Access

    We are a company or business entity that provides an Internet connection services and other related services. ISP has a telecommunications infrastructure that is connected to the internet which is where we will provide a capacity of Internet connections to customers who need an Internet connection services. Subscriptions are applied by us is a monthly subscription system.

  2. VPN

    A connection between one network to another network in private over the public network (Internet). VPNs are called Virtual network because it uses a public network (Internet) as a media middleman alias instead of a direct connection. And called Private Network because the network is private, where only certain people can access it. The data is sent encrypted so no secure and remains confidential even though sent over a public network.

  3. Colocation and Server

    Provide service to keep or store servers in Data Center which has a standard physical security and infrastructure, such as: the stability of the electric current, flooring, UPS, power generators, water temperature control, stability internet access, CCTV and security personnel who will work every day to monitor your server. Our server will place it in a special place in a room.

  4. Email Service

    Email Hosting service providers are equipped with a wide selection of Email Hosting packages and features the latest and best available today. You can manage email accounts freely, technology supports POP3 / SMTP / IMAP4 and WebMail so that you can easily access your mail using an email client such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, and Eudora. Webmail feature allows you can also access email from anywhere and at any time when you are not in front of the computer. Equipped protection Anti-spam and Anti-virus.


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