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about us

Palapa Media Indonesia is based Information Technology company which concentrates its business on services and general trading, which includes Networking, Hardware, Infrastructure and Internet.

Palapa Media at first is a home-based business that serves large-scale buying and selling wireless devices and LANs. Marketing is done by internet media through forums are continuously developed to increase the types of products and types of services.Of experience and knowledge about the types of wireless devices, LAN and usability as well as the advantages of each, Palapa Media adds to His ministry on the installation of Point to Point for the creation of a link between the village, district, between buildings etc.

Along with the demand on wireless devices, LAN and services Making the Link connection, Palapa Media adds that the type of products and services to support the needs Tower triangle on inrastruktur especially wireless networks. Palapa Media serves ranging from manufacturing, installation and maintenance In the field of internet Palapa Media RtRwNet start from the concept that continues in the guard and developed until today Become one of the Internet Service Provider in Indonesia.

Why choose us?

List IP

Youtube, Facebook and list ip of Equinix local entrance / iix.

Link Backbone NOC

Our NOC Backbone Link to IDC using Gigabit Fiber Optic capacity and we also use a backup Backbone Optical Fiber.


If it does not have its own router for bandwidth management, then we lend. and we are ready to assist setting

Service level

Service level Agrement us up to 99%, and we enforce restitution pieces if a fault condition is caused from our side.

Monitoring Traffic

Traffic Monitoring usage with Multi Router Traffic Grapher (MRTG).

Best Services

Support 24 hours a day services were friendly and very cooperative.

Company Profile

Vision Palapa Media

Being a trusted information technology services companies in Indonesia..

Mision Palapa Media

Being the best and reliable through three corporate culture, namely: Innovative, Integrity, Product excel.

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